Thursday, October 16, 2008   #9


NATIONAL LUNCH WEEK – Thanks for taking the time to come and eat with your child this week.  We have had a good turnout of parents and grandparents. 


BOOK FAIR – The Jr. High Student Council has sponsored a Scholastic Book Fair this week.  Friday, Oct. 17 is the last day.  They are open from 8:30 – 12:30 daily.


PTO – The PTO will meet Monday, October 20 at 3:15 p.m. in the library.  They are looking for fundraising ideas.  See you there!


PENNY DRIVE – Thanks for supporting our penny drive to benefit breast cancer.  The top three classes collecting the most money will receive a movie and popcorn.  They are 1st place – Mr. Ross’s room 4C with $276.36;   2nd place – Mrs. Varnadoe’s room 5A with $267.26;  and 3rd place was a tie between Mr. Miller’s room 8A and Mrs. Baumgard’s room 5B with $126.32 each.  Total donations was $1400.00.


FIRE PREVENTION – The B-W Fire Department sponsored a fire prevention poster contest last week.  The top winners were treated to a pancake breakfast last Sunday and each received a trophy.  The winners were Ana Sophia Beardsley (2B), Russell Young (2B), Clay Hayes  (4C), Bryce Rohrer (3A), Trinity Jaeger (4C), Nacaida Kearns (4B), Haley Long (5A), Mariah Starkey (5B).  Congratulations!


BRAVO to 4th grader Sienna Stockey for singing the Star Spangled Banner in Marietta and Athens to kick off the ‘Change We Need Rally”.


WEB SITE – If for some reason you do not receive your Wildcat Connection you may visit our Web Site at


WELLNESS – With the new wellness policy, cookie dough, candy, or other similar items cannot be sold on Wolf Creek Local School property at any time during the school day or at any school function.  At no time can any of our students be involved in the sale of these items (this does not include the sale of these items by parents or other adults).

            Please remember to include healthy snacks for the K-4 Halloween parties.

NURSE’S NOTE:  Please be aware that on the days that the nurse is out of the building for professional development (inservice/seminars), no substitute will be available.


LOCKDOWN – We will soon be conducting the lockdown drill.  Please help us to make sure your child is not scared.  It will be similar to tornado drills.  We are required to do this before December.


HALLOWEEN PARTIES – K-4 Room mother parties will be Oct. 31 at 2:30 p.m.  Students may bring a costume but please do not wear it to school.